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How to Make Money with SEO

The world of business is a lot more sophisticated than it was when your parents or grandparents were children. In those old days, people relied upon brick and mortar employers to offer employment positions, and if one wanted to work, they had a job, usually for life.

Life was simple. If you wanted the “American Dream” all you had to do was find the right job through traditional means and stick with it until you retired.

Like every era, times change and it wasn’t long after the arrival of the internet that business and employment strategies changed. The employment landscape was altered because now the traditional brick and mortar employers were either going out of business or they shifted to using an internet based strategy.

This alteration meant that there were fewer regular jobs available for the demand that existed. People needed to adapt to this new employment scenario and they had to become more versatile. They had to learn a little about computers and then search for jobs over the internet.

One of those jobs turned out to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for businesses. Of course, one would think that taking a quick course in typing is all they would need to qualify for the position but that is not the case. There is a lot more to SEO than simply typing a few words on a computer screen and sending it off to a client.

SEO services may be the next big employment opportunity, but there are always details one needs to know before they enter the business of working with businesses on their SEO and content marketing and other website issues.

What follows is the ultimate guide to making money with SEO. It includes sections on selling SEO services, dealing with client SEO, teaching SEO to others and using SEO to rank your own websites and generate traffic in order to sell products and services. So let’s dig right into it.

Client SEO

Selling SEO Services

There are a lot of good tips out there on how to sell SEO services and dealing with clients. In this section will deal with as many as we can.

Understand the Situation – By this we mean you need to realize that you are just another voice in a crowd of voices all selling to the same customers. You need to stand apart from your competition so this may mean starting slow and building your reputation the old fashion way – one client at a time.

Build on Your Reputation – You have started slow and have done some quality work, so start using that quality work to garner more clients. Build upon your reputation as a quality SEO service and show prospective clients that you can do the same quality work for them. Sometimes reputation is all you have to gain clients.

Listen to Your Clients – This is very important as they say, ‘those who talk the most lose’. They also say, ‘talk is cheap’. Anyone can talk, and a lot of salesmen do too much talking and not enough listening. They also do not ask the right questions. To get the information, they need to listen to in order to construct a good sales pitch and show that they can actually help their potential client.

Ask the Right Questions – Learn to ask the right questions in order to get the true attitude and goals of your client so that you can be of service to them. If you listen and ask, you should do a lot better with your own results. Learning what your client wants is the key to a successful SEO service.

Identify Your Client’s Needs – If you want to provide a good SEO service then you need to be able to identify where their real problems are and know how to solve them efficiently. You will not do your client or their business any good if you cannot identify and solve their website problems.

Once you have identified the problem and you know you have an answer for them, make a solid proposal and present it to them. Seeing that you can solve their issues is a great influence on their decision to hire you. Just don’t give all the answers in your proposal or they won’t need you.

Communicate Clearly – This is a problem for a lot of IT guys and internet geeks. Instead of speaking so their client can understand what they are saying, they speak in their own native computer tongue and lose the interest of their prospective client. If the client doesn’t understand a word you are saying, you usually won’t be hired. They want to know and understand what the problem is and how to fix that issue but they want to hear in their own language so they can wrap their heads around it.

Learn to translate from computer lingo to the common tongue so you do not lose a prospective client because they could not understand what you are saying. In other words, don’t be speaking Swahili when everyone else around you is speaking English.

Try Educating Not Selling – One of the biggest turn-offs to most clients is that the fact that most salesmen only sell. This weakness demonstrates to the client that the salesman is only interested in another sale and has no interest in the company or helping it through its struggles. Companies want someone who will take an interest in the company as that attitude shows that the SEO company cares about more than just closing the sale.

When you educate the business owner, you are demonstrating that you care about how their business performs. You are showing that you have more than dollar signs in your eyes when you communicate with them, which ultimate means more business for you.

Educating can take place in several ways and once you help the business understand the ins and outs of SEO or other internet facts, they will be grateful and more open to hearing your sales pitch.

Reselling SEO Services

Once you have mastered the art of selling your SEO services and you have built up a solid reputation, you may see that you have more work than you can handle. It may be time to start thinking about outsourcing your SEO services to a white-label SEO reseller program to help cut down on the workload.

You may want to narrow down the focus of your business so that you are handling the important jobs like landing new clients and business, and turn the heavy lifting like the link building, citation building and content writing over to an SEO outsourcing firm or freelancers.

Reselling can also make you and your SEO service more valuable by being able to offer a wide variety of services your competitors may not do. Reselling is a matter of making the sale and getting the work done.

Teaching SEO Strategies

SEO Consulting

One method to teaching SEO strategies to businesses is by one-on-one consultations. This is where you can instruct the business owner or its leaders on how SEO works, the SEO dialect (technical mumbo jumbo) and their definitions and direct them to good SEO solutions.

You can take the opportunity to present your own services to the prospective client and even offer to solve a couple of their issues for them so that they can see you know what you are talking about and that they need your services.

Of course, you should pre-sell your services by asking that if you solve an issue the business will hire you and your services. This situation is where your ability to ask the right questions comes in handy. If they are merely people who are not really interested in hiring you then they probably will not answer those questions. On the other hand, if they are interested in your services, the opposite will take place.

Online SEO Courses

Another way to teach SEO services is to offer an online course about SEO. You can also charge for these seminars and make these courses available for both individuals and business personal.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an SEO expert yet, creating an interesting curriculum should not be too difficult. Some course titles will include the following topics:

  1. Intro to SEO – Giving the basics of what SEO is all about.
  2. Why SEO is so Important – Stress the value of SEO and what it means for their business.
  3. Keyword Research – Teach them how to do proper keyword research and target keywords which are relevant to their business and how to place them on their websites.
  4. On-page/Off-page Optimization – Teach them the difference between the two and how they work and how they affect the business and its websites.
  5. Algorithms – Inform them on how algorithms work, how they are used and how they affect a business’ website.

Other course titles or classes could be on how to write top quality content for their website or how to avoid beginner mistakes and other errors. Teaching SEO this way may be more valuable to your own SEO service as it lets potential customers know more about you and your knowledge. This will build trust and credibility and help your reputation. You can sell your courses on platforms like Udemy and Udacity.

Doing SEO for Yourself

There are several ways to begin practicing SEO and here is a short guide to give you a few ideas on how you can do it for yourself.

Begin with Your Own Blog – You can start using SEO by writing content for your own business or services by blogging. In my previous post, I mentioned several ways you can make money blogging. SEO can help generate traffic which then can be turned into. But one warning, most search engines prefer older authorities that have a history so do not get discouraged if the SEO doesn’t generate the results you want to see immediately. It takes time to become an authority figure.

Create Affiliate Sites – You can start creating affiliate sites and promoting affiliate products in order to generate commission. You would need to create a small website and publish informative content and reviews of various products and services, and then embed this with your affiliate links so you get a commission on any sales which are placed through those links by your visitors. You’d be responsible for optimizing the pages and doing proper keyword research and link building to get them ranked in the search engines.

eCommerce Stores – You can create an eCommerce store and start selling and shipping the products you make or want to sell, or you can play with the big boys like Amazon and Shopify and be a drop shipping service. The options are numerous here and there is an eCommerce business that will fit you and your goals.

Be a Guest Blogger – This is done all the time and you can attract customers by marketing your own services, blog and products through your guest posting on other authoritative websites and blogs. It makes sense to reach out to real authority sites when guest blogging to harness their traffic and authority. If you guest blog on low-quality sites you may have a more difficult time attracting new customers because those sites’ traffic is low and their authority is not very credible. However, it can take a lot of time to establish relationships with authority bloggers. You might want to start by outsourcing guest blogging to a real blogger outreach service and take advantage of the pre-established relationships that they have with bloggers until you are able to establish your own relationships.

Final Verdict

So, there you have it. That’s my guide to client SEO and SEO services, teaching SEO and doing SEO for your own projects by blogging and its affiliate side-lines. Regardless of which way you decide to go, hopefully, it will enhance your SEO skills (and more importantly your bank balance). SEO is quite distant from the old fashioned, traditional ways of building a business, but the rules for the old brick and mortar stores still apply to the modern tech-savvy world.

Important Takeaways

  1. If you are lazy and do not do your homework or work hard, then you will not gain the traffic or clients you need to stay in business.
  2. If you do not listen or stop talking long enough to hear your clients, then you will not be making any headway in the SEO service world.
  3. If you do not have the right knowledge to demonstrate you can work in the SEO service field then again people will not beat a path to your doorstep. In business, they say if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door, well that old-fashioned thinking applies to the world of SEO services too. You need to build a better SEO mousetrap so that you will attract more customers than your competition.
  4. Having a solid reputation, which is a standard for the old-fashioned brick and mortar businesses, is vital to developing your better mousetrap. Your reputation, whether it is good or bad will influence potential customers and either draw customers to your service door or repel them. So much plays a role in your SEO service business that can be found in old brick and mortar business traditions.
  5. Understanding the needs of your customer, correctly identifying them, then presenting the correct solution goes a long way in building your reputation and business – just like the old traditional business had to do if they wanted to survive in the business world.
  6. Being able to communicate clearly so that the customer understands you and what you are talking about makes a difference. If you want to confuse and lose customers then leave them in the dust as you rattle off everything in words they do not know or understand.

These tips will hopefully help you create a great SEO services business and help you make your mark on the new employment landscape. You may not be employed by the old traditional employer but the rules are basically the same if you want to be successful at what you do.

Matt Harrington

Matt Harrington is the chief editor at He loves to write about making money online by blogging, selling products and services and affiliate marketing.

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