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Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging in 2017

Blogging is often perceived as a lifestyle-friendly business as it allows a person to work from virtually anywhere, whether they are at home or on vacation. Moreover, it allows people to focus on their topics of interest and share their creative talents.

However, the question that most beginners grapple with is whether it is possible to earn a decent income as a blogger. The fact is, it is possible to make good money while blogging. However, for this to happen, you need to have a clear understanding of the current internet landscape.

For instance, although it is often said that content is king, it is also becoming quite overwhelming. For this reason, when it comes to content creation, besides focusing on the value of whatever you would like to produce, you must also know how you will promote it.

Although there is always that lure of a very easy and flexible lifestyle, blogging requires effort. For you to make good money, you have to treat is like a business. For instance, you should not expect to set up a blog, post some few ads then watch the money flow in effortlessly.

Here are some of the ways you can monetize your blog:

Advertising Income

Affiliate Marketing

This is a very popular way for website owners, bloggers and other online businesses to make money over the internet. It uses a very simple concept whereby the affiliate marketer or site owner earns commission whenever there is a sale or lead from their referrals. If you are a blogger, this option will work perfectly well for you as you are allowed to select the types of products or services you would like to promote.

Another good thing about the method is that you do not need to deal with customer payments, hold inventories or process any orders. Your only job is to present the respective products or services in the best way possible. A good example of this kind of program is the amazon affiliate program, where you are allowed to select different amazon products then place their respective codes or links on your site or blog.

You will then receive commission from any sale that comes from someone who clicked on the link. Targeting the right kind of audience with these kinds of products or services may result in higher conversion rates.

Google AdSense

At the moment, Google is the world’s largest search engine. The company makes billions of dollars annually from advertisers who would like their products and services to appear right at the top of the search engine results. The Google AdSense program is based on this particular principle. Through the program, Google normally displays the advertisements from different entities on millions of sites and blogs. The site or blog owners receive a certain percentage of the advertisement revenue in turn.

This method works quite well for two major reasons; it is easy to set up and it only allows relevant advertisements to be displayed on the website or blog. This is normally based on the type of content on the site. It is one of the easiest ways for experienced as well as new bloggers to make money online as they just need to put a simple code on their blogs in order to start serving the banner ads.

Private Ads

These are similar to display or AdSense ads as they normally appear as graphics or buttons at the sidebars of your blog. They are quite unique as there are no middlemen or ad networks that are dedicated to negotiating the partnership. Instead, the partnerships are arranged directly between the blogger and the individual, business or company that would like their ads paced on that blog.

Note that the initial contact can either be made by the advertiser or blogger. When this happens, always be clear on what is expected by both parties.

Giveaways & Reviews

Reviews and giveaways are another great way to make money blogging. Here, a company may supply a product or products to a blogger for them to review it and probably give it away to the readers. This will be a win-win situation because as a blogger, you may charge to run such giveaways. The company in turn gets to spread the word about their product(s). However, if you do not want to write any product reviews for the company, you can ask them to buy an ad space instead, assuring them that they will still be able to get a spot with your readers.

Sponsored Posts

With sponsored posts, you simply work with a company in order to write a comprehensive post about their products or services. When doing this, you need to be upfront to disclose your relationship with the readers. Always keep such posts to the minimum to avoid turning off your readers. Most of the sponsored posts are normally spotted with a disclosure stating that the post was sponsored by a specific company, although they hold the opinions of the blogger.

Newsletter/Podcast Sponsorship

If you have a podcast or an email newsletter, you can still accept advertising as you would with your blog. You can simply reach out to the potential advertisers and let them know how they can benefit from advertising through your podcast or email. You can embed advertisements on your podcast or email in order to reach the wider audience on your email list.

Holding Webinars

Web-based seminars or webinars are another great way to monetize your blog. These normally come in form of presentations, lectures or workshops which are transmitted over the internet using video conferencing software. One of the key features of webinars is the interactive element where you can give, receive or discuss information in real-time. Using a webinar software, participants can easily share documents, audio and many other applications with the attendees.

To earn from them, you can charge the participants a certain fee. Another option would be to include advertisements in your webinars where you will be paid by the advertisers who want their ads to appear on the webinar. They are also an effective way of building your subscriber base. You can also use them to sell your own products.

Selling Products

Selling Your Own Products

If you would like to eliminate middlemen and advertiser margins, creating your own products or services will be the best option. Note that in such cases, you do not need physical products or a large team of employees in order to make it happen. Most successful blogs normally sell ebooks, guides, video courses, different programs and many more.

Note that all these are quite easy to create and normally offer the audience with immediate downloads. You can start to market right from the first day, and it is always advisable to start with offering services before expanding into products.

Build a Funnel in Reverse

Most companies start by enticing you with freebies. They then offer you cheap but irresistible products. After that, they sweet talk you into purchasing more expensive things. It is an effective marketing tactic which most businesses entities use. You also need to use the funnel strategy for your blog.

However, as a blogger, you need to build this funnel in reverse. Most bloggers launch cheap eBooks as their first products then get frustrated when they do not make a lot of money. What they do not understand is that the actual profit normally comes at the very end of that funnel and not at the beginning. When blogging for money you are better off selling the best and most expensive products first. You can thereafter create cheaper products as it is more profitable this way.

Charge Premium Prices

Most people fail to make huge profits when blogging because they have the “Cheap Market” mentality. The fact is, although most of your blog readers may not be high-end customers, there will always be a certain percentage of visitors who may be willing to pay for quality products and better services at a relatively higher price. You should therefore never be reluctant to charge more in order to deliver high quality products and services on your blog.

Delay the Sales Deliberately

This is another significant shift in thinking. Instead of trying to push your blog readers to purchase the products upfront, as smart blogger, you need to delay the sale. In fact, studies have shown that people who get to read and know more about a product or service tend to stay longer as customers than those who do not. Instead of trying to immediately clobber your readers with sales pitches, provide them with some content first. This will help to build trust before the customers can buy whatever you are trying to sell them.

Growing Your Blog

Be More than Just a Blogger

Teachers, professors, public speakers, consultants and even the best-selling authors make a living virtually by teaching other people. Blogging is no different. It is the same old model, just that it has been given a boost by the internet technology and social media.

It is important to note that you are not just a blogger but an expert, teacher, mentor or even an entrepreneur. Ideally, your blog is only a launchpad for all these things. In fact, you may notice that most bloggers who earn a decent income either have courses, books, software, or side careers as keynote speakers. They mainly use their blogs as freebies to attract more customers.

You Cannot Do Everything

As a blogger, time will be of great essence. For instance, you will be required to continuously publish fresh content on your blog, handle technical issues, answer queries from readers, read articles and books about your field as well as create new products. This can sometimes be quite overwhelming and when this happens, your efficiency and productivity may go down.

To avoid this, you may need to purchase the software, which will automate some of these activities. Alternatively, you can hire a programmer or virtual assistant to help you with some of the tasks. Although it may be a little expensive, it will be worthwhile as it will save you a lot of time, which you can dedicate to more important tasks.

Use Longer and Good Quality Content

Another great tip when blogging is to place long and top-notch content on your blog. The fact is, longer content normally gets more traffic than the shorter one. Besides providing comprehensive information on the respective subject, such content also tends to be captured by search engines easily. In fact, studies have shown that longer content gets more visitors per hour when compared to the shorter one.

Promote Your Content Effectively

To become an effective blogger, you need to promote your content, particularly through blogger outreach. This is the process of building stronger relationships with influencers. You can then ask them to share the work with their followers. You need to spend as much time on the outreach as you did creating the content. For instance, if you spend 15 hours per week writing your blog posts, you need to spend 15 hours per week on outreach as well.

Make Good Use of Your Email List

The size of your email list can determine the success or failure of your blog. You can actually predict how much money you are likely to make from your blog. The more subscribers you have, the higher your chances of making money. On average, experienced bloggers make approximately $3 per subscriber per month.

However, if you are still new to blogging, you can strive for $1 per subscriber. Therefore, if you have 1000 subscribers, you should strive to earn at least $1000 from your blog. Note that this is depended on the quality of products and services you are offering and the strategies you are using.

Final Verdict

It is extremely possible to make money blogging, all you need it to apply the right strategy. For instance, as a blogger, content is going to be a very important aspect of that business. In any case, that is the main reason why people visit that blog in the first place. Ideally, the quality of the content is mainly determined by the value you add to your audience. After putting the content in place, you need to examine the methods you will use to monetize the blog as that is what will determine the success of your blog.

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