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About is currently being upgraded/reformatted/redesigned. Please pardon any function/layout issues as we move things around. When the site is fully functioning we will make an official announcement. If you’ve arrived here via a referral log, please excuse the mess. Thanks.

451 Press was originally launched as a multiple-author, multiple-site, blog network back in 2006. While the network had an assortment of successes during it’s run, the proliferation of blogs and blog networks across the internet put pressure on the network and it finally shut down without a profit in July of 2009. The owners of the network left everything dormant for the following months while they invested time and effort into other projects that helped them build income to put back int 451 Press. This is where the site is now.

451 Press will be able to eventually make another run using editors and writers on one site instead of isolated owners of individual sites. This transition will take some time, both on the technical side and on the content side. While the platform and design are important, 451 Press still values content over all. This is why efforts over the next several months will be spent building content up as well as getting the name 451 Press back out into the online publishing world.

If you have any submissions for article ideas or items to feature here at 451 Press, we’d love to hear from you. Just use our contact page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. As of right now we’re keeping the focus on wide topic areas and are open to unique stories and creative perspectives in any field.

We hope to provide a great repository for showing people how to make money blogging. In the meantime, please pardon the dust while we put life back into 451 Press again.